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Welcome in Metànoia Studio!

Architecture, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency

Metànoia is an invite to change your mind in favour of a spare use of resources, giving value to local resources in terms of both sustainable construction materials and traditions, technological and cultural innovation: these actions group together different fields, from architecture to engineering to design.

The common goal is to take conscious decisions for a good realization of design solutions and for the respect of natural equilibrium that characterizes our habitat.

Ethics and commitment are the basis on which we try to build our creations.

About us

Metànoia Architecture Studio

Fouder: Arch. Stefania Di Benedetto

PHD in Thermal and Electric Engineering

PostDoc from University of Cagliari

KlimaHaus Energy Consultant and Auditor

KlimaHaus Sustainability Consultant and Auditor

Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Master KlimaHaus-BioArchitecture

Born in Cagliari in 1979, Stefania Di Benedetto graduated at Architecture faculty in Florence. From 2008 to 2011 she attended a PHD in Energetic at the Department of Energy, Systems, Territory, and Construction Engineeringat Pisa University, with a research on energy audit in buildings, particularly on thermal behavior of adobe buildings. This research won her a grant by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna as part of the program called Master and Back to attend a high educational path.

She attended many trainings about energy saving (“CasaClima” training as consultant and auditor; “Carlesi” training as thermo-graphic operator and II level auditor UNI EN 473; level I training in heat-flow metering), specialized courses on Hearth Architecture (taught by Arch. M. Achenza at UNESCO accredited Chair at the Engineering Faculty in Cagliari and at CRAterre dell'Ecolè Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble). She collaborated with ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) - UDA-ADVISOR-ENEA, Frascati – for testing of new analysis models and design of energy efficient and low-environmental impact buildings.

She collaborated with TSC srl in Prato as a consultant for a software about energy savings (for developing of the software called BEES).

She organized and coordinated UNESCO Convention “Environmental Sustainability in Architecture: awareness in design to control energy consumptions”, during UNESCO week “ Stop climate change, stop CO2” (November-2007).

She was educator during the “Ecobaby” workshop, during UNESCO week “ City and Citizenship” (November-2009).

January 2007

She won the first edition of “Degree Thesis Competition about Energy Efficiency topics” promoted by Dintec, ENEA and UNIONCAMERE.

March 2008

She won “ENERGETHICA Prize 2008”, sponsored by Emtrad srl, for “Promotion of Sustainable Energy Young Talents”, Fiera di Genova.

July 2011

She won a grant by Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, “Funding of a Research Project for energy efficiency interventions and use of Renewable Energy Sources in urban areas”.

Winning project: "Domus Naturalis".

September 2013

She won a two-year research grant " Simulation and test in climatic chamber and in situ of opaque building envelope's hygro-thermal behaviour under Mediterranean climatic conditions", from University of Cagliari (Department of Civil, environmental and architectural Engineering)

In May 2012 she founded Metanoia Architecture Studio.

Main activities are architectural and energy design of low-energy buildings with a particular care in research and use of local and natural materials and

in existing buildings’ energy saving (consulting in the executive design of KlimaHaus R energy labeling, KlimaHaus Gold, KlimaHaus Nature); collaboration with NGOs (A.SE.CON) for making people aware of sustainable development ; bioclimatic consulting even at international level, ENPI-RELS project – October-2012 (


A_Architecture and Energy Efficiency:

We assist the clients along the design process according to their needs, giving the right information about the solutions to adopt during the construction phase. The aim behind any design idea is the realization of an object that is energy efficient both during its lifetime and at the end of its life cycle thanks to the use of low embodied energy materials.

Q_Quality outputs:

On demand we will assist you for the realization of a KlimaHaus high quality brand building, that is we follow the principles that will lead the projects towards the KlimaHaus Certification. KlimaHaus energy certification doesn’t substitute the national Italian certification based on UNI TS 11300 regulation, but constitutes a parallel design process which has the double aim to enhance client’s awareness towards really sustainable buildings and to enhance the public awareness about these topics.

What is a CasaClima?


Metànoia offers technical support to obtain KlimaHaus Sustainability Labels about the sustainibility of accommodations, new or needing energy renewal. Sustainability certifications for Hotels, Wineries, Offices, Schools, B&B are related to energy optimisation and especially to the sustainability to the management of the building.The last includes a formative plan for the employees and a sensibilisation one for the guests.


Metànoia Studio organizes theoretical-practical, tutorial or training workshops about eco-friendly construction techniques.


Metànoia Studio together with other trade associations supports national cooperation activities that are sincerely voted to offer a contribution in solving social problems and in environmental topics sensibilisation.


Metànoia Studio is available to write research projects as a connection between business companies and University, particularly about thermal comfort analysis of indoor environments.


Connecting Research and Researchers

Metanoia Studio works in close collaboration with:

Zanardi Ingegneria S.r.l. Socio Unico mainly deals with the following activities:

- Structural design and planning supervision ( new buildings, refurbishments, restorations, seismic upgrading and improvement);

- Structural testing and technical surveys;

- Design and planning supervision of technological infrastructures (junction ducts, hydroelectric plants)

- Design and planning supervision of mobility infrastructures

- Design and planning supervision of environmental engineering works and hydraulic regulation

- Design and planning supervision of geotechnical works

- Project and coordination of safety on building sites

- Clients are professionals from the construction industry, real estate companies, public authorities, medium and large building companies. The team members are highly qualified civil engineers who can use innovative computer hardware and sophisticated structural calculation software, in order to guarantee a high quality service

Eng. Andrea Zanardi, who has got a multi-year experience and an extensive domain expertise, is the company technical manager.


Claudio Baldo was born in Wald (Switzerland)in 1958. He deepened is professional knowledge in the fields of design and planning supervision of building works especially in both residential private dwellings and industrial dwellings, working at both urban and building level; he sometimes works on updating land register records, on property divisions, real estate appraisals and selling; since 2004 he has been working on planning and supervising the design of thermal insulation in many low-energy buildings and he has been consulting about energy labeling of buildings (CasaClima and national system labeling), particularly in the last decade in the following City Councils: Roè Volciano, Vobarno, Sabbio Chiese, Vestone (BS), Padenghe sul Garda (BS), San Felice di Benaco (BS), Prevalle, Calvagese di Riviera (BS), Coccaglio (BS), Toscolano Maderno (BS), Nuvolento (BS), Salò (BS), Preseglie (BS), Pagazzano (BG), Fontanellato (PR), Villanuova sul Clisi (BS), Concesio (BS), Nuoro (NU). From 2007 to 2012 he had many teaching assignments about Energy Certificates for Buildings, Thermal Bridging solving and Techniques for Low-Energy Buildings Construction. He spoke at many conferences about energy efficiency in buildings at National Board of Surveyors and at SAIE (Bologna_20/10/2012) during the Green Habitat Convention “Building site. Quality is a matter of realization”.



Research follow in Electrical and Thermal Energy M.Sc Industrial Engineering. From 2012 to 2014 he attended training courses on topics related to energy conservation and energy efficiency of systems and facilities. He collaborated at DICAAR,University of Cagliari, with the Energy Sector of Technical Phisics. During those years he worked on the following project: Research collaboration on technological systems with high efficiency powered by renewable energy adaptable to isolated users with high environmental value (Conservatoria Coste). Energy needs analysis of isolated structures (towers and coastal fortifications).Collaboration about experimental analysis of photometric values LED lamps and remote phosphor. Collaborazion about experimental measurement of COP values refrigeration machine. Teaching assistant of Tecnical Phisics. External consultant for engineering companies, he collaborated at: EOS srl for CE marking adjustment of machinery,plant and equipment to work with European Standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE ). Complaint and periodic verification ASL/ARPA/INAIL and depth investigations by calculating the residual life and non-destructive testing of lifting equipment. Practices for reporting and testing ASL/ARPA/INAIL and non-destructive testing of pressure vessels. Studio di Ingegneria Stefano Mariotti in various project about electrical and thermal plants of industrial and civil buildings. Studio di Ingegneria Ubaldo Carlini in various project about HVAC in industrial and civil buildings, energy analisys and certification. Civis Engineering in the projet about small size wind farm. Actually main activities concern: Electrical Plants design and efficiency of buildings and industrial buildings integrated with renewable energy sources. Energy audit of building-plant-system for the industrial and civil sector. Energy analysis of industrial processes of energy-intensive companies. HVAC plant for civil and industrial buildings. Plant design of hot water systems, rainwater recovery systems, water treatment. Safety coordinator in preventive and final phase. 


Graziano Fronteddu. Architect. Yacht Designer. (

Eliana Baglioni. Architect. Sustainable Building. (

Elisa Prestia. Architect. Energy Efficiency in Buildings. (

Federico Trucchia.Designer. (

Sergio Pischedda.Industrial Engineer Technician. Renewable Energies. (

Nicola de Notarpietro. Engineer. Sustainability of the Built Environment. 



Location: Via Marianna Dionigi, 17 00193 Roma

Receiving time: Please contact the following for an appointment


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